Our 19th Year

Tomorrow it begins. Our school year.

In 1994 the Lord began working in our hearts. By  September, 1995, we made the headlong plunge into homeschooling.  We never looked  back, and have been continually teaching our children at home since then.

Our three married daughters are our first graduates.

This next year marks the first time I am graduating a child that has been taught solely at home.  Taught by me…okay, and her dad.

I have four scholars this year.  Next year I will only have three. I began with three. I know nobody cares about that besides me. I am going to spend a lot of time this year on reflection. How far we have come. How far we have to go.

I was 35 when we began this journey.  If we let our late-in-life-bonus-baby-boy graduate at 17, I will ‘retire’ at 63. We’ll have to see how that one works out.

The lesson plans are prepared. Am I? Are they? The alarms will go off around the house at varying times. Morning devotion time begins at 8:30.

I will keep my followers updated. Pray for us all. I especially appreciate prayers as I am trying to patiently teach them.


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