Weight Watchers

I hesitated to start my Healthy Living category.  I have thought about it for weeks. I am ready now.

I am a Weight Watchers lifetime member. I have been for over 8 years now.  I know Weight Watchers works. I also know it  takes effort on my part to make it work.

Let me back W A Y up.

I have lost and gained more weight than I am willing to admit.  Throughout my twenties and thirties I gained and lost 20 pounds over and over again. In my forties it was more than that.

I was often discouraged about my yo-yo dieting. People made comments to me about how I lost and gained hurtful and the helpful ones. I prayed before every meal I ate asking the Lord to help me control my overeating. I even have a list of Bible verses that I keep about gluttony. Often I would lay in bed at night thinking of how I blew it again, and vow to be better the next day.

Elizabeth Elliott has said, “I think a good deal of our struggling is really just delayed obedience.” That was certainly true for me. I knew what I needed to do, I delayed doing the right thing.

On March 17,2012, I made a decision. I decided I was finally going to be the best Weight Watchers member I could be. For me that means  writing down everything I eat. Not just writing it down, but doing it accurately by weighing and measuring, and looking up Points Plus Values.

At my Weight Watcher meeting we often hear things like this:  “If you bite, it write it. If you snack it, track it.” Or, “Only keep up your food journal on the days you want to lose weight.” I knew that. I know that. Now, I can say, “I do that”. It is a habit. A healthy habit. One of the many I have learned at Weight Watchers.

Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through him that strengthens me.” I did not do this in my strength. It was through the Lord Jesus.


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