Immediate Obedience

I confessed in my post yesterday that it took me a really long time to follow the Weight Watchers program effectively. Not because I am a slow learner, but because I am slow to obey.

One of my goals as a mom is to train my children to obey the first time. It takes years to teach them. I get frustrated in the process and short tempered; forgetting to be kind and gracious to them.

I say things like this to my children:
“No, means no, and whining means a spanking”, “Be the first to obey”, or “If you aren’t obeying the first time, then you are disobeying”.

Then this morning, I heard “Revive Our Hearts”, with Nancy Leigh DeMoss on the radio for just a few minutes. That was all it took for me to realize that I am often slow to obey. Her guest spoke about the importance of obeying Biblical Truth as soon as you are aware of it.

Ouch! I am not always quick to obey God’s Word.

When the LORD asked Abraham to do the unthinkable and sacrifice his son Isaac, Abraham obeyed. Unimaginable!

If you are not familiar with the faith of Abraham, read Genesis 22. Abraham told his son, Isaac, “God will provide the lamb.” Abraham proceeded to tie him up and even lifted his knife to slay his son, the one God promised would be Abraham’s heir. Then the angel of the LORD called out to him, “Abraham, Abraham!” Praise the LORD God Jehovah! Abraham turned around and there in a bush was a ram.

Jesus’s disciples were also quick to obey. In Matthew 4 it says that Peter, Andrew, James, and John immediately left their work as fishermen to follow Christ. They became the first of the 12 disciples

It is the deepest desire of my heart to be a true follower of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am praying the Lord will help me to immediately obey the truths he reveals to me in my daily Bible reading.


One thought on “Immediate Obedience

  1. I can really identify with your post. I often think of what I expect from my children and then how different it can be from what I expect of myself.


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