First blood

First blood

Look at the adorable little hunter there all decked out, safely in orange. Caleb Carl got his first deer yesterday. The joyful face next to him is Zachary David. This grandma has very mixed emotions about celebrating his first deer.

Yesterday was  Youth Hunting Day  here in Michigan (don’t ask me, it was not my idea!). My son-in-love, Wade, is a hunter-gatherer. It was bound to happen that his sons would follow him down that path. I want his boys to be like him. He is more than we hoped for in a husband for Sarah, and father to our grandchildren. For him to be a hunter was never on my list when I prayed for Sarah’s future husband all those years.
You can probably tell I am not a hunting fan. I have a healthy (some would disagree) fear of guns. Mostly my fear is of idiots using guns. We have a gun; well, it’s a BB gun. Todd takes care of the pests in the yard with it.
I am a 2nd amendment fan. A huge fan of our Constitution in general. My sister and brother-in-law own a shooting academy and teach concealed weapon classes. It is called Copper Creek Academy  My brother is a hunter, and just bought a new home on property that he plans to hunt on. It is just not for me or Todd, thank you, Lord!

So, I will celebrate with my first-born precious grandbaby. We have this thing going, and he knows I will cry about seeing him with that big ‘ole rifle. He will giggle, and I will smother him with hugs and kisses.


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