Our 4th Graduate

OliviaI have been feeling sentimental lately. Olivia’s graduation is on my mind. Not so much the actual graduation, her senior recital, or even her open house. I have gone through those events before and know what to expect.

It is the passing of time that is making me feel sentimental. Last week, I stood in my bedroom and played the music box that Todd gave me back when I had just 3 precious daughters. I listened to “Edelweiss” and cried. I miss those days so often. I tell my girls that I would love to go back and spend just one more day with them when they were tiny. Thankfully, they each have blessed me with grandchildren and I see their sweetness in those little faces.

Back then, I spent a lot of my time longing for these days when I would be footloose and fancy free. HA!

Olivia’s arrival changed our family for the better in so many ways. We had not had a baby for 7 years. There was a lot of longing for a baby to come into our home. One of our daughters prayed every day for us to have another baby. We all praised the Lord for the answer to that prayer.

Olivia Elaine was born at the end of our first year of homeschooling. We were loving our new adventure, and lifestyle. She was such a joyful addition. Really, she radiated joy! Some of her sisters, that will remain nameless,  will tell you how annoying that joyful little girl could be when she woke up singing, or when she went to bed singing. Sure she fussed as a baby; she also gave her dad a hard time about going to bed. He used to have to scold her ‘babies’ and tell them if they did not go to sleep without crying he was going to have to come back upstairs to spank them. It worked like a charm!

Even as a teen there is a joy about her. Nothing seems to get her down. Not what people are saying about her, not when we tell her to shape up or else, not even her siblings annoying behaviors. She serves her Lord with joy as well.

I plan on doing a series on the lessons I have learned from this little girl. She is now a young woman that I am so proud of I could burst! I will try to keep the bragging to a minimum. In my next “Our 4th Graduate” post I will explain how I changed our curriculum to suit Olivia’s delights.


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