From Blah to Blessed

My morning went the way all my mornings go, but something was missing. Sure it is Monday and it is always hard to get back into the weekly routine. I just wasn’t feeling it. No motivation, no blessing from my morning time with the Lord. Frankly, I felt discouraged.

Then I headed out the door to my local CVS to get milk. These little morning jaunts are almost always uplifting. I love to get outside. I love to be alone in the car and crank up the radio. AND I LOVE to save money. I can almost always get milk for $1.99 at CVS. Today it went even better than that thanks to their magic machine that gave me a reward of $1.50. That put a smile on my face.

The blessing came in the form of a song. You can hear it here: God of Brilliant Lights, by Aaron Shust

I hope you can see the sunrise where you are right now. It is my favorite time of day. If you read this later in the day  “Praise the God who has come To cure every broken heart.” Through his Son Jesus Christ.


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