West Michigan Husmann Style

We found this tiny park tucked into the east side of downtown Holland. Those are real chess pieces.


While the boys played the girls did this:


Which naturally led to this:


This past week was our summer vacation week; done Husmann style here at home. We love West Michigan and packed most of our favorite places and all our favorite activities into 7 days.

We started the week with coughs, three of them were pretty bad. So we had a ‘finish up the last of the summer projects’ day. Which ended with Netflix, so not a total loss. Our latest favorite is a British series called, “Foyle’s War”. We are going through it for the second time and loving it even more!

The next day it rained. Yes, we have very unpredictable weather. Since I needed a trip to the Amish Store, we headed north. We made a loop through Fremont and Newaygo hitting all the thrift stores. We also had fun at a library book sale. Which led to the discovery of a fantastic vintage boutique. Olivia tried on a dress that Grace Kelly would have worn in 1959.

Day three was Grand Heaven Haven. It is just south of heaven. The sun shined on us and we soaked it up.

Day four, more work in the morning, then off to Hoffmaster State Park. Glorious hiking, and relaxing on the beach. Plus an added bonus of seeing old friends at the Nature Center and having a good chat while the boys admired the animals. Henry’s favorite was the rat snake. I only love those beasts because they are good at their jobs.

By Friday everyone felt ready for a full day. We began with garage sales, followed by a picnic lunch, the pictures above, more shopping, then hiking, and relaxing on the beach.

Saturday is always my date day with Todd. We biked up to The Pita Place for a gyro, yum!

I saw this funny sign one day in a shop window: “Pretending to be normal is exhausting“.  I thought it was extra funny since by then I was pretty exhausted. I also started mentally substituting different words for normal. Pretending to be anything is exhausting. Whether it is happy, rich, godly, loving, or whatever.

It reminded me of a verse we memorized at church. “Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good” Romans 12:9 NRSV

This summer we are working on memorizing 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter. I often find myself not acting loving. I can be harsh, rude, and mean; even on vacation. My family knows that all too well.

What I love is that God is none of those ugly things. He is righteously loving; always and at all times.


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