Changing for the Better

Just look at all those sweet little lambs.


Today, the sweet little girl you see there, sitting on my lap, told me the shirt I was wearing was “beautiful”. Let me tell you, it is not. It is old, worn, and frumpy. Yet, she saw beauty in it, and it made me laugh.

My morning started out on a great note; that soon went sour. Sound familiar? I spent time with like-minded friends; and that is always refreshing. On the way home, I listened to my favorite radio station. Again, it was sweet and just what I needed to start my day.

At home, I put on my old, worn, and frumpy workout clothes. The house was quiet with all my children still sleeping. I set up my workout video, had my water handy, my shoes on. Then the piece of equipment I needed was missing.

I am going to stop right here and let you know that I like things where they should be. I want my scissors where I can reach them; the paper towels  ready and coming off the roll in the right direction. I especially want my things returned to their ‘home’. Wherever that home may be.

My first response was to call my beloved. Of course, I knew he did not have what I needed or even touch it. I just wondered if maybe he knew who took it from where I left it. The main reason I called him was because I did not want any one to wake up here at home, and infringe on “my time”. Following his suggestion, I woke up the household one by one. Not a task I look forward to, since many of them do not wake up meek as lambs.

All the time I was thinking, “This working out nonsense better be worth it!”  Sure enough, one of them knew where it was. I did the workout;  and we began our morning together, peacefully.

There was a time when I would have flipped. Although, I bit my tongue this morning, I could have handled the situation even better. Not once did I think to pray.

I wish I would have thought of this song I like to sing with the pre-schoolers at church that says:

“When I’m feeling sad, ( make a sad face )

Or someone makes me mad ( stomp your foot )

Without delay I’ll stop and pray, ( hold hands together in prayer )

So God can make me glad.” ( My grandchildren know I always add, “and happy!” )

How hard would it have been to stop and pray? It would have kept me from calling my husband and interrupting his day.  It would have helped me focus on my Heavenly Father and not on my own peace and quiet.

“All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way…” Isaiah 53:6

Sheep are dumb. I am sorry to say that. I have this knowledge firsthand, having spent lots of time with them on my father-in-law’s hobby farm. They smell bad, and are a job of work. Every spring, though, we experienced the joy of new life when those sweet little lambs were born.

Today I was reading about the Sheep Gate that was built into the wall of Old Jerusalem; old as in back in Nehemiah’s day. Sheep were so important to God’s people. Their lambs, the most perfect only, were sacrificed by the priests to cleanse the people of their sins.

God says that life is in the blood and it is vitally important to Him. It is pretty important to us as well. I am referring to the blood that has eternal value. It is the blood of Jesus Christ that is of utmost importance. It cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Whether it is the sin of having a full out hissy-fit over a lost possession, or breaking one of the Ten Commandments, or any other of God’s laws.

There is no way, on my own, that I can be what I want to be;  which is Christlike. I just don’t have that ability. He is continually changing the old worn out me.  Just like my granddaughter saw beauty in that worn out shirt, God sees what I can be through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The second part of Isaiah 53:6 is what spoke to my heart. It moved me to confess to God that I blew it this morning.

and the Lord has laid on Him (His Son, Jesus Christ)
    the iniquity (sin) of us all.” Isaiah 53:6

Praise Almighty God for that! Because of Christ’s death, I am forgiven, again, and again, and again! There is real joy, and happiness in that.


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