Facing Hormonal Changes: The Monster Within Me


I faced a difficult truth last week…I am not handling my changing hormones very well.

I like to do everything well. I like people to think I have it all together. I don’t mind admitting I have problems, as long as they are small ones that I can take care of easily and quickly.

Probably  No, make that:  Definitely, what is most important to me is that no one will think the lesser of me for not dealing with my problems thoroughly.

I  have been experiencing perimenopausal changes for over 10 years. You ladies my age (54) know the symptoms. Younger gals, you can click the link to read a Web MD article that describes the “fun”.

Anxiety in the form of obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and perfectionism are issues I struggle with. Hormones, raging or waning, magnify my anxiety making me difficult to live with. There are terrible words for the way I have been behaving. No one in my world is so unkind as to use them to my face. Thank you Heavenly Father for that! I know that I am not the way I should be and that needs to change.

Last Saturday I had a great, and difficult discussion with my closest girlfriend who encouraged me to take action. That evening I sat down with my so very sweet and understanding husband and told him I had reached the end of my short rope. Being the man of action that he is, he immediately got online and researched how we could deal with this naturally and healthfully. Then we headed to the health food store to stock up.

I  bought Phytoestrogen cream about 2 months ago. I started using it daily and thought I was good. I really didn’t see any benefits from it alone. From what I have read, I now realize I probably have declining progesterone levels. So I have also added natural prosterone cream. I will be using it on a 3 week per month schedule.

We bought an herbal composition called Transitions, by Pure Essence Labs. It has dong quai, black cohosh and lots of other goodies for those in hormonal change as I am. Swallowing pills makes me gag, so this is a big deal for me to be taking these giant horse pills.  I also started taking my multivitamins, calcium, B complex stress formula. Basically what feels like a huge handful of pills twice a day.

Essential oils have piqued my interest in the past year. I really don’t know that much about them yet, since I have no first-hand experience. It is time now to learn. I ordered a starter kit  through Young Living  recommended by my e-friend, Lisa Pennington at Pennington Point

Let’s talk caffeine a bit. It is a good thing, really; research has shown that using small amounts of caffeine is beneficial. Unless you have issues, as I do.  I drink coffee every day. I love it. Okay, true confession time: I am obsessed with my delicious and strong morning cup of Joe! For now, I am going caffeine-free. I have to say, “for now”, not “never”; or it could send me into deep depression.

That is where I am today. I am going to check with my beloved ones in a month or so to see if they think I am doing better. My dear and best friend said I need to remember that this is just a season and it will pass. I love that! Do you see why she is the best?


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