Gratitude not Grumbling


The other day a young missionary friend posted this on Facebook: “Today I am incredibly thankful for my circumstances.” I have not been able to get that thought out of my head.

I determined to begin being grateful for all the circumstances that cause me to grumble and complain. My first opportunity came early in the morning. Yesterday was our decorate for Christmas day. I know, crazy early, but with Olivia leaving for 6 weeks in Georgia she wanted to be able to be part of the fun.

Last year most of the lights on our-only 2 year old-Christmas tree died.  The other night we stripped every strand off the tree. So yesterday, I headed off to K-Mart, my very least favorite store! I was ready to spend $42 on new Christmas tree lights,  when I called Todd, just to let him know how much they were going to cost. I was taken aback when he said to leave them there, and go back home to try to make last year’s lights work. My first thought was to say, I made a special trip here (of all places!), in the rain/snow, AND I have a cold! But I meekly said okay, and went home.

You know what? It felt good. I determined that I was not going to complain; not only to Todd, but to our sons who were there with me. We drove back home with a plan to sort through all the old lights and see how many we could work with. Later I called him back, and asked him to pick up 3 more boxes at Hobby Lobby, a much pleasanter store, plus he used a coupon!

Today what I decided to be grateful for instead of complaining about was much more difficult. But I am hoping by month’s end that it will be a habit.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18


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