Big Changes Ahead: A Post by Todd


I had to include this picture because I love this guy so very much! The rest is written by him

I received notice on Thursday morning that my job would be eliminated early in 2015.
The company is moving drastically toward digital and they are outsourcing all of the spec art demands overseas.
All of the offices in the country will be closing and the remaining sales force will be going virtual and working from their homes.
Word this morning is that there is a 90 day window for that to occur.
It includes all artists and support staff and the bottom-feeders in the sales force.
This will effect 25% of the workforce with DexMedia, which is about 1000 people.
They plan on only 3 locations in the country to maintain operations; Greenwood Village, CO, St. Petersburg, FL and Dallas, TX.
There are opportunities to move within the company, but not in a graphics capacity, and I’m not interested in moving anyway…although Colorado sounds fantastic… just kidding.
I knew this was on the horizon, so it’s not a great shock, but a little unsettling none-the-less.
Lesa and I are trusting that the Lord will give us absolutely clear direction in whatever path he wants us to take in the near future.
He has always provided for us in the past and He will graciously provide for us in the future.
I would covet your prayers as well and would welcome any and all advice that you may want to give me.
I’m not proud, so please feel free to share your thoughts with me.
I’ve never been without a job, so if the opportunity to go in a direction that is not graphics oriented presents itself, I would certainly look into it.

One thought on “Big Changes Ahead: A Post by Todd

  1. I saw a sign in a store in Holland when I was shopping for cookie cutters for Jera. The sign said, “Don’t tell God you have a big problem. Tell the problem you serve a Big God.” I thought about your family and the Leffrings when I saw the sign. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this change. Let me know if there is something I can do to help.


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