What is SALOAAH?


SALOAAH  is an acronym. My name is Lesa Husmann. My sweetheart of 31 years is Todd. We have 7 children: Sarah, Abigail, Lindsay, Olivia, Anna, Andrew, the first born son as he refers to himself, and our late in life bonus baby boy Henry. Thus, SALOAAH

I am a full time homeschooling mom. We started our children in government schools. Eighteen years ago we left and began our delight filled home-school journey. We have no regrets, not one.

We only have the 4 children in the picture above still living at home with us. Our 3 married daughters and sons-in-love, and their 11 children fill our home on a regular basis.

If you are keeping track that makes 23 of us, and counting.



4 thoughts on “What is SALOAAH?

    • Thank you, Linny Belle. I do have a website, thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious to me. I seriously did not realize I could now say, “I have a website” until now. This is a babystep process for me


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